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Garage Door Torsion Spring

If you are worried about the condition of your garage door torsion spring, Ajax field experts are here to offer you the best solutions. You simply tell us what’s bothering you and we send a tech to take a look at your spring and decide what should be done in your case. Does your spring seem corroded? Perhaps, you think it should be adjusted? Don’t give it a second thought! If you are in Ajax, Ontario, and in need of torsion spring adjustment or any other service, call us off the bat.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Ajax

Any service on a garage door torsion spring in Ajax is offered fast

Does your garage door doesn’t go up properly? Or, it won’t stay in place once it has been lifted? Most likely, the time for torsion spring repair has come. When the spring fails to do its job, you’d better waste no time. You should remember that it’s arguably the main part of your garage door. It allows to open and close it with little effort. So, if you want to avoid severe consequences, dial our number! At Garage Door Repair Ajax ON, we respond to such requests ASAP. Rest easy, any trouble with a torsion spring is fixed very fast.

Get your torsion spring replaced in a quick and safe manner

Such tasks as garage door torsion spring replacement are always best left to trained specialists. The thing is that your door is very heavy. And the spring is under huge tension. No wonder that it takes a single wrong move and you can get injured before you know it. Who needs that? We suggest that you take no chances and call us instead! The techs are good at torsion spring replacement and can perform it safely and correctly.

Want the extension springs converted into a torsion spring? Ask us!

So, your garage door works with an extension springs system. For some reason, you may want to convert it into a torsion one. We are experts in such tasks, too. Just tell us when you’d like to get it done and we’ll appoint a tech that has both the means and the expertise to handle it to a T. As you can see, getting any service done on your Ajax garage door torsion spring is no longer a hassle. All it takes is making contact with us!