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Garage Door Maintenance

Booking garage door maintenance in Ajax, Ontario, is easy nowadays. The question always is whom to trust with this important preventive service to get the best results! To also be sure all steps involved in maintenance are taken with absolute diligence and the garage door is properly inspected and thoroughly serviced. Let us save you time and spare you bad surprises. If you need to be sure of the way maintenance is carried out, contact Garage Door Repair Ajax ON.

Garage Door Maintenance Ajax

For garage door maintenance, Ajax homeowners may rely on us

Consider us your go-to team for all services, maintenance included. If you live in Ajax, garage door maintenance services are provided by trained techs with expertise in all brands. All services are provided by techs qualified and trained to inspect and fix garage doors of all types, materials, and styles. This way, you can be certain that everything about the garage door – from the wooden door jamb to the steel door panel and the Craftsman or Genie opener – is meticulously checked and serviced.

You will be glad to hear that our company is available for regular schedules and also ad-hoc garage door maintenance service. In any case, the pros follow a specific checklist step-by-step without leaving out the variable of the special features your garage door may have. Each garage door and every service are handled with respect to the product’s particular needs and maintenance is carried out by the book.

Garage door maintenance service – step-by-step

What’s involved in maintenance? As you likely know, the list of tasks is long and although garage doors vary, the overall checklist involves the following.

  •          Garage door troubleshooting
  •          Inspection of all main parts
  •          Checking all secondary parts
  •          Testing all features, the force, the balance
  •          Garage door adjustment
  •          Lubrication, removal of old lubricants
  •          Tightening hardware

That’s to give you an idea of how the job is done and what it includes. The pros start with garage door inspection, leaving no stone unturned. At the same time, they clean, check, test, and do all necessary fixes and adjustments. They make sure everything is aligned, the fasteners are as tight as they should be, and the moving parts are lubricated. The job is carried out with great care and you are informed about all steps. Plus, it doesn’t cost you much to have the garage door professionally maintained and the results are long-lasting and beneficial for the garage door. If you are interested in booking garage door maintenance in Ajax and want the best pros for the job, contact us.